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At each event we ask for a volunteer to record their experiences and impressions. These articles are published in our newsletter and eventually appear here as an archive of our activities. Note that these are only provided for reference, and are not endorsed by Event Leaders. Interpretations can change often and rapidly in Geology, any information stated should be verified from appropriate sources before being quoted.

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2017 - Under construction
2016 Sea level rise from Antarctic ice sheet collapse  Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum  Arc found of Mt. Ararat: Volcanism in collision zones  Palaeoclimate and Ocean Chemistry  A Building Stones Practical  Long trip: Pembrokeshire  Seafloor Methane Hydrates, Arctic Warming and Quantification  Ashdown Forest  Guinea Iron Mountains and Slopes  Kentish Ragstone in Hermitage Quarry and Maidstone buildings  The Geology of the Chilterns and the Potential Impact of HS2.  East Wear Bay, Folkestone  Haslemere Educational Museum and Fernhurst Furnace  Geoconservation Day at Riddlesdown Chalk Pit  The Rock that wouldn’t keep still: a (brief) introduction to Salt.  Winter Weekend: Winchester and Salisbury  Early Life on Land – how plant communities shaped the planet.
2015 Carbonate platforms of the Early Cretaceous  Shale Oil and Gas Success  The Building Stones of Lincoln’s Inn  Lusi: the origin, evolution and future of a mud Volcano in Java  Mapping Day in Kent  West Norwood Cemetery  Etna: How does a volcano work?  Conservation Day at Gilbert’s Pit  The Devil’s Punchbowl  Crustal melting in the Himalayas  Geology in Space: Meteorites and Cosmic Dust  Sarsens in the Medway Valley  Summer Long Weekend Torbay  LOUGS and WSGS Bicentennial William Smith Sussex Field Trip  Oceanography Experience 2015   Day Trip: Fossils and Geology on the Isle of Sheppey  The oceanic-driven decay of the Breidamerkurjokull glacier into Jokulsárlón lagoon, Iceland.  Joint Day Trip to Stour and Wrabness with East Anglia branch  Tectonic Evolution of the Alps  Hands-on at Herne Bay for S209 Students  The Scarplands of Lincolnshire: From the Lincoln Edge to the Wolds  Members Evening Talks  Fossil Fakes & Deceptions
2014 Making mountains: A view from the Eastern Himalaya  Artisanal Mining  The Marbles of Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral  Forecasting the Duration of a Volcanic Eruption  West Norwood Cemetery  Meteorite, Cometary and Asteroid Impacts through time  Skye Volcanics  Geoconservation at Chalky Dell  Jade: its tectonic formation, geochemistry and archaeology in East Asia  Tring Geowalk  The Importance of Geology in the Design, Responsible Operation and Environmental Mitigation of Quarries  Yorkshire Coast  Family Fossil-Hunting Day at Barton on Sea  Underlands: A Journey through Britain's Lost Landscape  Greensand Churches of West Sussex  Iron Industry of the Weald  Silcrete and Cenozoic Landscape Evolution in Southern Britain   S276/S209 Student Day at Herne bay  Swanage  Life at Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents: Biodiversity in a New Resource Frontier
2013 How active is an active volcano?  Arabian Plate Tectonics and the Developments of Hydrocarbons  The Angela Marmont Centre  BGS activities in London  Geological Mapping Course in the Forest of Dean  BGS Keyworth, Nottingham  The Chalk of Steeple Morden and Ashwell, Hertfordshire  Sheridan Reservoir Dome, Yellowstone  Geoconservation Day at Gilbert's Pit, Charlton  Green Chain Geowalk  The Atlas for London Basin Geology  Pett Level  Isle of Man  Church geology in West Sussex; a study in historic building stones  Wiltshire Sarsens and Avebury  The Oceanography Experience  OUGS 41st Symposium - Dublin  Symposium Field Trip - Killiney  Symposium Field Trip - Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Geophysics Section  Symposium Field Trip - Tara Mines  Hog's Back Geowalk  Did the Sea Taste Salty to Dinosaurs?  Church Geology in West Sussex  The Geology of Pigments: Turning landscapes into colour  Mr Kipling's Exceedingly Good Rocks  Herne Bay  Suffolk  Members' Evening  Survivors: The Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind
2012 The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum  Crossrail Visitor Centre and Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade  Soft-Ground Tunnelling through London  Duncton, Burton Park and Bignor  The 2010 eruption of Erta Ale, Afar, Ethiopia   Solnhofen  Kensworth Quarry, Dunstable Downs & Totternhoe Quarry  The Thames Barrier  Storm Surges Thames Estuary  The Green Chain Walk  Faringdon, Abingdon and the Oxford University Museum   Kurdistan  Boxgrove and Bracklesham  Carbon Capture and Storage  Ramsgate  Shetland  Northampton Building Stones Walk  The Basement of the London Basin  Reigate and Godstone caves  Wander up the Wandle  Meteorites  Isle of Wight  Herne Bay  Members' Evening  Geological problems London-Brighton Railway  Dinochlia
2011 Plates, Plumes and Magmas of the African Rift  Visit to the Horniman Museum  The Thames Tideway Project - or how to un-pollute the Thames (again!)  Gas Shale  East of Everest - the Geology and Tectonics of Bhutan  Hornchurch Railway Cutting SSSI  Behind the scenes at the NHM  Re-interpreting the Volcanic Evolution of the Isle of Skye  Sedgewick Museum and Building stones Walk, Cambridge  Mapping Mount Caburn in Lewes  The Anthropocene: A New Epoch of Geological Time?  The Chicxulub Impact Site and the Cretaceous-Palaeogene Mass Extinction  Portugal  The Recent Discovery of a Large Fossil Tree from the Jurassic of Southern England  North Bucks  City of London Cemetery  Crags of Bawdsey Peninsula  GA Geoconservation Conference  How the Solar System was born  Autumn Geowalk around Virginia Water  Bath Stone Mine  Watching new crust form on an active plate boundary: afar Ethiopia  Pas de Calais  Student day to Herne Bay  Members' Evening  Landslip hazards in the Isle of Wight  The History of the London Branch
2010 Icelandic Volcanism  Northmoor Hill  The Geology of London  Tectonic Evolution in Zagros  Impact Cratering and Ejecta Deposits  Riddlesdown Quarry and Croham Hurst  The Corsi Collection and Oxford Building Stones  Predicting Earthquakes  Samos, an Overview  Messel fossil-pit  Bargates of Guildford and Godalming  The Lost River Tyburn  Barton-on-Sea  Vale of Fernhurst  Evolution of the Thames Basin  Weald and Downland Open Air Museum  Fishbourne Roman Palace  Late Quaternary Climate Variability  Norfolk  Mantle Plumes and the Siberian Traps
2009 Indian Flood Basalt Volcanism  Freemasons' Hall  Faunas of Chengjiang and Herefordshire Lagerstätten  Athabaska Tar Sands  A3 Hindhead Tunnel  Antarctic Odyssey  Hobbit SOS  Northumberland  Sinking Slabs - Moving Plates  Hertfordshire Puddingstone  Walton on the Naze  Hammersmith Foreshore  Chilmark Stone Mine  Salisbury Cathedral  Darwin 200  Mantle Xenoliths from Cape Verde Islands  Winter Weekend in Dorset  Members' Evening  LIPs, Meteorite Impacts and Mass Extinctions
2008 Gold Giants of the Great Silk Road  Sumatra to Java  Royal Observatory Greenwich  Geology of the Moon  How Britain Became an Island  Quarries of Ardingly and Horsham  Magnetism in the Solar System  20th Anniversary Pooh Geowalk  How to Make and Break an Asteroid  The Auvergne  Groundwater under London  Folkestone Warren  Wegener  Monitoring Volcan de Colima  Western Weald  Winter Weekend in the Mendips  Members' Evening  The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain
2007 Gilbert's Pit  Thames Barrier  Land and Sea Level Changes  Student Day to Herne Bay  Denbies Vineyard  Sarsen Geowalk on the South Downs  Kensal Green Cemetery  Langdon Cliffs, Dover  The Building Stones of Canterbury  Southern Spain  Extreme Sedimentology
2006 The Art Bronze Foundry  Ardingly Sandstone and Tombstones at Fletching  Teaching the Dynamic Earth  NHM Earth Science Library  The Vale of Wardour, The SW Wiltshire Anticline  Shetland  Harwich and Wrabness, Essex
2005 Building Stones of the British Library  S260 Field trip to Herne Bay  Easter in Rhodes  Lower Thames Valley : Greenlands Pit and Lion Pit Tramway  Odiham and the Basingstoke Canal  Lizard Peninsula  Pegwell Bay, East Kent  Chalk coast of France
2004 Building Stones of Westminster Abbey  Pooh Geowalk Ashdown Forest  Barton on Sea  Isle of Wight weekend  Week in Connemara  Hastings and Pett Level  Charing Sand Pit and Loose Valley  Winterweekend to West Somerset
2003 Crystal Palace  Herne Bay  Butser & The Weald and Downland  The Pyrenees  Isle of Sheppey  Newhaven and the White Cliffs  Harefield and Northmoor Woods  Mam Tor
2002 Herne Bay  Hogs Back Geowalk  Pickwick Quarry, Wiltshire  Anglesey  Albury Geology Trail  Bornholm, Denmark  Worbarrow Tout
2001 Povington Hill and Durlston Bay  Vesuvius and Volcanoes in the Naples Area