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The idea for a geological society in the Open University was hatched during the first Summer School of the first geology course in 1972. It was actively supported and encouraged by the then head of department, Professor Ian Gass. Since that time we have been pleased to be able to count on the department's support in both our field and non-field activities. Some teaching members of the department started out as OU students. But this does not mean that we are an extension of the academic work of the department. We are an independent organisation whose members have mainly come to enjoy geology through the teaching of the department. But it should not be thought that the knowledge all flows one-way, many members of the society have been able in their own ways to contribute to the work of the OU. It is this cross fertilisation that benefits everyone involved.

If you are interested in any aspect of geology or earth sciences then The Open University Geological Society (OUGS) is the place to be. You don't have to be an Open University student or graduate to join, just interested in geology. For full details, see the main OUGS site.

When you join the OUGS, you elect to be affiliated to a branch. London Branch serves members in Greater London, Middlesex, Surrey, West Sussex.