London Branch owns one of the OU's polarising microscopes that was part of the home kit for S260, which was the predecessor to S276. The Branch also has four sets of thin sections, from S236, S260, S338 and S339. S236 was the predecessor to S260, as was S338 to S369.

The microscope and/or thin sections are available on loan to Branch members, and would be a useful supplement to the virtual microscope provided for those studying S276, S339 or S369 who want some "hands on" practical experience. For those new to microscopes, a basic demonstration of their use can be arranged. Please note only two sets of thin sections may be borrowed at one time.

To arrange to borrow the microscope and/or thin sections, please email


(Level 2 Course)

S260(Level 2 Course)
(Soft Rocks)

S339(Hard Rocks)

Quartzite, Skye
Quartz arenite (ganister), L.Carb, Howick Bay
Hawaiite, Carboniferous, Hareheugh Craigs Quarry, Kelso Traps
B Arkose, Achiltibuie B Sandstone (Arkose) B Arkose, Achiltibuie, Ross and Cromarty 2 Basalt, Carboniferous, Kinkell Farm, Campsie Fells
C Granite, Cornwall C Peridotite C Greywacke, Silurian, Leadburn, Scottish Borders 3 Phonolite, Carboniferous, Trapain Law, East Lothian
D Diorite, Italy D Diorite   4 Basalt, Carboniferous, Aucterarder, Ochil Hills
E Granite, Aberdeen E Granite 5 Trachyte, Carboniferous, Skid Hill Quarry, East Lothian
F Sandstone, Brora, Scotland F Sandstone F Penrith sandstone, Permian, Cumbria 6 Mugearite, Carboniferous, Mellerstain Hill Quarry, Kelso Traps
G Dolerite, Co. Antrim G Dolerite G Arenite with authigenic clay. U.Carb, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear 7 Basalt, Carboniferous, Lions Haunch, Edinburgh
H Biotite Gneiss, Italy H Gneiss H Condensed shelly sandstone, L.Jur, Robin Hood's Bay 8 Cataclasite
I Basalt, Co. Antrim I Basalt I Paper shales, Kimmeridgian, Marston, N.Yorks 9 Quartz mylonite
J Amphibolite Garnet mica schist, Inverness J Sandstone (Micaceous) J Carstone conglomerate, L.Greensand, Leighton Buzzard 10 Slide zone
K Gabbro, Huntly K Gabbro K Oolitic limestone, M.Jurassic, Ketton, Leics 11 Feldspar/quartz mylonite
L Marble, Italy L Marble L Shelly limestome, U.Jurassic, Purbeck 12 Mylonite, Moine
M Greywacke, Leadburn M Sandstone (Greywacke) M Crystalline limestone, L.Carb, Derbyshire  
N Amphibolite, Donegal N Amphibolite N Pelletal limestone, U.Jurassic, Purbeck 14 Hydrous gneiss, Lewisian, Laxford Bridge
O Quartz Porphyry, Peterhead O Porphyritic Rhyolite O Boundstone (patch reef limestone), Silurian, Wenlock, Shropshire 15 Basalt dyke, between Kylesku Bridge and Scourie
P Phyllite, Loch Leven P Phyllite P Stromatolitic limestone, L.Carb, S.Wales 16 Basic gneiss, Lewisian, Drumbeg
Q Phyric basalt, Auvergne Q Garnet Mica Schist Q Chalk, U.Cret, Beds 17 Tonalitic gneiss, Lewisian, between Kylesku Bridge and Scourie
R Shelly Limestone, Purbeck R Shelly Limestone (Biomicrite) R Dolomitised limestone, Permian, Durham 18 Ultrabasic rock, Lewisian, Drumbeg
S Oolitic Limestone, Moreton-in-March S Oolitic Limestone (Oosparite) S Dedolomitised limestone, L.Carb, S.Wales 19 Granodiorite, Loch Doon
T Andesite, Italy T Andesite   20 Diorite, Loch Doon
U Crystalline limestone, Derbyshire U Crinoidal Limestone (Biosparite) 21 Granodiorite, Loch Doon
V Ignimbrite, Italy V Ignimbrite 22 Diorite, Loch Doon
  W Sandstone (Aeolian) 23 Granite, Loch Doon
  24 Kyanite schist, Loch Lomond
25 Andalusite-staurolite schist, Banff Coast
26 Chloritoid-garnet schist, Stonehaven
27 Garnet-mica schist, Kindrogan