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Fieldwork is an essential part of geology. Whether it is someone looking at rocks for the first time or people engaged in speciality research, the field element is essential.
It is recommended to register with the event's organiser so that you can be notified of any change, and to avoid events being over-subscribed. We will always try to contact anyone who has registered an interest in a trip in advance. If you have registered and find that you will not be able to attend please inform the event organiser to allow someone else to take your place.
The Events on this page draw on the experience of LOUGS members and are specifically targetted at current S209 students, though are open to anyone. The Herne Bay visit is designed to introduce Students at the beginning of the course to real rocks in the field. The Revision Day at Egham has helped many students over the years prepare for the Exam, providing additional practise and giving extra confidence. Both events are staffed by OU tutors, professional educators and experienced LOUGS members.

S209 Student Day to Herne Bay  S209 Enrichment Day  S209 Revision Day

Saturday 3 February 2018

S209 Student Day to Herne Bay

Welcome to geology! Your LOUGS committee is offering a hands-on experience to get you started. We are organising a field trip to Herne Bay on the north Kent coast where you can see REAL rocks to supplement your virtual field trips. You will quickly learn that rocks, even when they are 55 million years old, do not have to be hardened. The cliffs at Herne Bay are particularly interesting as you can see the layering of 3 different rock-types in the cliff face. They are an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

We will examine the sandy Thanet Formation and compare it to the overlying Lambeth Group and London Clay
We will look for clues as to how they were formed and what they consist of
We will look at modern beach processes for comparison
We will look for clues to help us understand the ancient environments
We will discuss what might have happened in the intervening years
We will look for evidence of the more recent Ice Ages
We might even find evidence of deep heat within the Earth

In any case, we hope you will join us!

Experienced OU tutors, will mastermind the trip and you will be ably assisted by other tutors and members of the Committee.

Meet in the Beltinge Car Park at 10.30 am

Grid ref TR 205 686.

To get there by car (and coming from the west), turn off the main A299 road AFTER the turning to Herne Bay. It is signposted to Beltinge. After the roundabout, the road crosses the railway and very soon you need to turn off on a sharp right towards Beltinge and Reculver. After driving through the village of Beltinge the road makes a very sharp right-hand bend, but instead, go straight on up Reculver Drive to the car park at the end. (By rail, we can pick up passengers arriving at Herne Bay station).


Packed lunch (and thermos!). Be warned, there is no snack bar and no loos at Beltinge. We will go to the King Ethelbert Inn at Reculver at lunch time for further discussion and a look at the building stones in the remains of the Saxon Reculver towers.
Walking boots or wellies; hard hats (available from builders' merchants); warm, waterproof clothing; hats.
Grain-size chart and handlens from your kit. Notebook and pencil
Trowel, margarine pots and kitchen paper for collecting fossils (they can be quite delicate).
£3.00 to cover the cost of handouts, insurance and communications. If you have recently joined the OUGS and been given a voucher, this would be a good trip to use it on.

Problems on the day: ring John Lonergan's mobile: 07967 165260

Contact: John Lonergan


S209 Enrichment Day


Contact: John Lonergan


S209 Revision Day

Royal Holloway College, Egham, Surrey


LOUGS is pleased to be able to offer a revision day for the S209 course. The S209 revision day will address as many aspects of Part 1 of the exam as we can squeeze in, illustrated by some real rocks and real fossils where appropriate. The sessions will be shared amongst two current S209 tutors.

Mapwork and structural geology: interpreting geological maps and cross-sections, and formulating geological histories.

Fossils: identification, palaeoecology and uses of fossils in correlation and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.

Sediments: depositional processes and reconstructing past environments from sedimentary facies.

Igneous: igneous processes and fabrics.

Metamorphism and deformation: metamorphic processes and fabrics, and deformational fabrics.

All this is provided for £7.50 - which includes free tea/ coffee/ soft drinks.
You can also take the opportunity to talk to tutors and graduates regarding future course choices.

A fun and worthwhile day in the company of other students and tutors.

Contact: John Lonergan

Please use the Registration Form to express your interest in these events and obtain more information.