Please read these guidelines carefully - they apply to all OUGS Field Trips.


1. Obey the Country Code and local bylaws.
2. Shut all gates and leave no litter.
3. Always seek permission before entering private land.
4. Do not disturb wildlife or plant life.
5. Beware of tides and cliffs on coastal sections.
6. Follow the Mountain and Caving Codes.
7. Observe any rules which may apply such as SSSI status.
8. The Leader of the trip has the final say in any matter.
9. If you smoke, have consideration for non-smoking members.
10. Avoid using a hammer.
11. Children and dogs are allowed on most OUGS trips. They must, however, be kept under control.


1. Only collect when it is permissible to do so.
2. Be considerate in your collecting.
3. Do not leave exposures untidy or dangerous.
4. Keep collecting to a minimum.
5. Avoid removing in-situ fossils.
6. Never collect from walls or buildings.


1. Always wear a hard hat when working under any cliff face or in any quarry etc.
2. Always wear goggles when hammering.
3. Boots or other suitable footwear should be worn especially when the Leader requires them.
4. Keep clear of plant or machinery.
5. Beware of rock falls.
6. Beware of sludge lagoons or settling ponds in quarries etc.
7. Do not dislodge rocks or throw things over cliffs etc - someone may be below.
8. Keep a look out for dangers not only to yourself but for all members of your party.
9. If you go onto the fells, moors or mountains, let someone know your route and return time.
10. Always carry a first aid kit.
11. Never go into the fells, moors or mountains without suitable clothing and equipment.
12. DO NOT ENTER a working quarry etc without permission.
13. Do not take risks on cliff tops or rock faces.
14. Be aware of any blasting warnings that may be in force - always check first. Remember that they may affect an area wider than the actual quarry.
15. These rules are designed for your safety. Please obey them. In case of any doubt, please contact the Society Secretary.


The Leader of any trip has the power to remove from the trip any member who in their opinion is not behaving correctly or is causing a nuisance to the party; this includes members who bring children or dogs that are not acting correctly or causing a nuisance. The Leader may also refuse to accept any member who is in their opinion incorrectly dressed. The rules laid down by the Leader must be obeyed.

Health and Safety At Work Act

Working quarries, mines, opencasts and similar (whether at work or idle) are subject to the above legislation as well as the Mines and Quarries Act. These acts require that anyone entering such premises wear hard hats, boots and protective clothing (e.g. Hi-Vis surcoat) as required. Failure to observe these rules could result in you being prosecuted under these acts. The rules laid down by any premises being visited must also be obeyed.

Trip Insurance

Please also check the page on Insurance.