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Note that some events are finalised later than others, so keep your eyes on London Platform and the website for additional dates and further details, and remember to register for them!

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Thu 18 May LECTURE: "The Geology of Essex" by Gerald Lucy
Sun 4 June DAY TRIP: Puddingstone and Royston Caves with Jane Tubb
Thu 22 June LECTURE: "Geological Mapping" by John Henry
Sun 16 July DAY TRIP: "Barton-on-Sea" with Iain Fletcher
Thu 20 July EVENING TRIP: "Building Stones" with Diana Smith
Tue 22 - Sat 26 Aug LONGER TRIP: "Shetland" with Alan Fraser
Thu 7 Sept LECTURE: "Earthquakes" by Rebecca Bell
Sept, Date TBC 13 or 20 DAY TRIP: "Chicksgrove and Avebury" weekday trip with Diana Smith
Sat 30 Sept Geoconservation Day
Thu 19 October LECTURE: Tsunamis by Dave Tappin
Fri 27 - Sun 29 Oct LONGER TRIP: "Winter Weekend"
Thu 16 Nov LECTURE: "Members' Evening"
Thu 7 Dec LECTURE: "Volcanism and Extinction of Permian in South West China" by Paul Wignall

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